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Hey my name is Gavin Mackenzie with build Mackenzie calm in Miami Beach Florida let's talk a little bit about how to write a construction bid first of all what is a construction bid a construction bid is a document that you're going to present to an owner usually you're competing with a couple other contractors and it's a bid to secure the work so what's involved in a bit first we're going to have a line item sheet basically that shows analysis and a breakdown of all the costs associated with the job for instance we'll have a plumbing light item we'll have an electrical line item we'll have a structural line item so on and so forth with those line items we're going to come to a total typically general contractor's charge a fee ranging from 10 to 20 to 25 percent your fee will be insert at the bottom of all those line items obviously the bigger the job the more the general contractor is going to make on that job when presenting a bid spreadsheet to a owner basically you're going to want to accompany that particular line item sheet with a scope of work document within that scope of work document typically it's a Word document PDF etc we will outline each and every line item and then get specific with what the breakdown of the application is for instance we have a plumbing line item in our line item sheet when we move to our scope of work document we're going to say exactly what we're doing in the plumbing how many drains we're going to install how big the piping is what type of material we're using how many bathrooms our plumbing for etc so with those two documents combined we have a bid proposal along with a bid proposal we'd like to obviously give a construction contract sometimes I can make or break the deal if you have a good construction contract but a horrible proposal there may be room to work and vice versa if you have a great line-item sheet but a horrible construction contract the owner is going to want to negotiate terms such as payment terms deposit amounts things of that nature so responsibilities tend to lie on the owner or on the Builder and that balance is the tricky part of securing work but once you start to present bids you've become more comfortable with applying these different techniques and combining these three documents together to form your construction bit
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